Campaign overview

Heroes of Ulther

Campaign setting: Metropolis of Ulther, UK

Campaign mood: Grey scale (standard marvel dc esc universe)

Background: Two years ago a unknown legion of savage creatures descended upon the British isles. The heroes of the time stood defiant against what seemed what a unbeatable foe. Many lives were lost but in the end some of the Uk’s mightiest Super heroes sacrificed there own lives to stem the tide.
Since then the country has started to recover. This event is now known as the invasion of the legion.
2 years ago heroes were feared as a wave of brutal vigilantes dominated the scene. With the invasion many true heroes have emerged winning back the peoples trust.

A time to stand: Two years on the country has slowly recovered. Most of the major battle grounds have been cleared and life slowly is getting back to normal. With one exception a lot of heroes died including Britain’s premier team of superheroes. Fortunatly there are still those out there with gifts to help make the world a better place.

The City of Ulther: Ulther is a mecca to Superheroes. Built on the ashes of the former City of Hull, Ulther is the size of London itself. Created in the 90s to replace Hull and the surrounding villages what had been wiped out during a attack by the soviet super squad in the early 80s. Due to the high hero population Ulther sustained minimal damage unlike other cities but lost 75% of its hero population.

Ulther facts:

  • Huge magical laylines cross through the city
  • The evil Dr Reaver supposedly met his end outside of ulther when he attempted to destroy the city but was finally defeated by the hero the Samaritan.
  • Due to the huge amount of Death and destruction seen in the last 30 years ulther is known to house a large proportion of Necromantic energy. Sometimes a body wil lget up and walk but it is rare. Of course it only takes one large nefarious spell to set off a chain reaction.
  • Some of the largest companies in the Uk dedicated to Super human research and advanced technologies have set up shop in Ulther.
  • Ulther has the largest super villain penitentiary 2 miles off its coast.

Uk Hero facts

  • There are no mandatory registration laws for super humans in the UK.
  • Those who decide to register with the government must submit there true identity to a government database.
  • Government will pay for any damages not covered by peoples insurance if hero is registered with government.
  • A government watch agency called MI20 is in charge of all Super villain/hero affairs.
  • Ministry of Metahuman affairs (M.O.M.A.) helps find jobs for people with minor but useful super powers.

Character Creation

1st rule their can only be one lone wolf character. 1st person to add their character with Lone wolf in their tag line can have a lone wolf character.

Before stats are even done each player must add a character profile. This does not have to be too detailed. Key things to have are the characters name(s), Background, a brief description of powers.
Once this is done players can begin building their characters.

starting characters are a standard PL10 character (150 starting points). Once you have created them submit them to the GM who will give a nod of approval or as kfor some changes to be made depending on if he feels a said power may too overpowered or rule breaking. Alternative is to hit up the GM when you both have free time and help them guide you through character creation.

Once Everything is GM approved post up your characters stats to their character page. If you are using Hero lab you can do this easily by going to: file/Output hero statblock .
Choose the Wiki text option and hit copy and just paste it in simple :D .

Adventure Log

At the end of each session the Gm should write up what happened in the session. The title should read issue <number>, <… insert catchy title here …>.
Gms discretion on how these are written up. They can be as short as “here is what happened insert bullet points here” or a epic tale.

Players are encouraged to write up in game character journals. a good journal will earn you a free hero point.

Pre existing character.

Anyone who was in the recent Doom of Dr Reaver game and wants to keep using the pregen they finished off with they can do so. The game will start 3 months after the events that transpired, Each character gets +6pp to spend. Take the characters original bio and update it to whats been going on with them in the 3 months after the final showdown with Dr Reaver. Also of note i think we can safetly say after half the team is either dead, in prison or missing we can safely say that version of the Outcasts are disbanded.

Campaign overview

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