Weapon Master

strength: 4, Stamina 3 Agility:6 dexterity 6 fighting 7 inteligence 0 awerness 2 prescence 1

Defensive roll 3
Power Attack
Defensive Attack
Alert package: evasion, precise attack (choose one: close or ranged concelment), uncanny dodge), Uncanny dodge
Master tactician package: Assesment, Skill mastery (insight), teamwork
Fast package: improved initiative, take down

Acrobatics 4, athletics 4, Expertise Metal Working 6
closecombat: weapon 6, close combat : unarmed 4, ranged combat (choose one) 4
Weaponsmith: Expertise: weapons 6, Technology 6
Expertise: weapons 6, Technology 6
acribatics 10, athletics 10, stealth 6
deception 10, insight 4 persuasion 10

Modified Nunchuaku: Strenght based damage 2 (5 damage with strenght bonus), multiattack 5, improved grab, improved trip, reach 3, ricochet; Movment 1 (swinging); Easily removable (-6 points) .9 points
mind reading 4, limited to surface thoughts , visually sense dependant; Senses 4 (vision, penetrates concelment) .6 points

defences: dodge 13 parry 13 fortitude 7 toughness 3/6 willpower 10

People do not like dictators
People cannot find out I want to take over the world

soon I shall rule the world
quote ‘you are too late, with this wooden spoon I shall rule the world’


His name is Yaugha. He is a boss.

He suffers from a rare condition that prevents death.
He once took on 400 guys but had to spend an hour trying to chase down the last guy who ‘bravely ran away’.
He once said in battle ‘no one will hear you scream’

He grew up in a small town known as Tolendra where he was apprenticed under a blacksmith who taught him how to handle a blade.
At the age of 16 he left to prove himself as an adventurer and ‘do the same thing we do every day pinky, try to take over the world’.

Personality: Wanderer left to scour the world until he finds his chance to claim it.


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